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For any kind of mailing service, timeline is always an important thing. A single day can be the key of your success where every hour is countable. Keeping this in mind we always ensure you the best timeline within your budget. Sometime people get confused which service to choose from the varieties options. Choosing a suitable service can save both your money and time. This article will help you to understand when to choose the urgent service.

We do not recommend our shipper to choose the urgent service for all the cases. Since this types of premium service always costs a little bit than any other economic or express service, we suggest to choose only for some specific case. Here are some cases-

  • University Applications

Suppose a shipper need to send some kind of University Application and s/he does not have enough time schedule. On the other hand there is always some kind of deadline on submitting application in every universities. We understand the important of time here. We ask the shipper how much time does s/he have and if s/he has at least 72 hours before the deadline than we recommend the shipper to use our premium service. But there might be some exceptions also like- the address is in remote area where our premium service even take an extra working day. For this case we inform the shipper before booking a shipment.


  • Official Documents

Sometime shippers have some important official documents. In this case, though the shipper might have enough time, we recommend to use premium service too. Because we know for officials cases sometime it is require to present carrier/express services’ proper documents which must be valid from origin. On the other hand some buyer/express/economic service do not provideĀ  necessary origin documents on delivery. So in this case a shipper must choose our premium service in which s/he will receive DHL papers and tracking number from origin. We usually disclose this fact unless the shipper hide the fact of important documents.


  • Other kinds of shipments

There are some items which are not usually carried by our express/economy services. In this case we recommend the shipper to choose the premium service.


After all we always suggest our shipper to disclose every fact about the shipment before sending. Sometime shippers try to hide some fact about the shipment which cause some trouble later with customs authority or in any other HUB. So do not hesitate to share information about your shipment to us.